Chemnitz & Surroundings

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Places of interest: Chemnitz & Surroundings

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Co56 Ksc Kunstsammlungen Theaterplatz Foto Punctum Bertram Kober
2,5 km

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

The Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz house one of the largest and most important communal art collections in Germany. The institution developed out of various civic groups, such as the art association Kunsthütte zu Chemnitz, founded in 1860. In 1909 these were gathered under the roof of the King Albert Museum, and as of 1920 were administered as a municipal museum.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Ksc Gun Museum Gunzenhauser Foto Punctum Bertram Kober Quer
2,9 km

Museum Gunzenhauser

The Museum Gunzenhauser is the latest institution to join the ensemble making up the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. It houses the collection of the Munich gallery owner Dr. Alfred Gunzenhauser and holds more than 3,000 works by 270 artists, including works of classic modern art and from the second half of the 20th century.

hotel in chemnitz günstig - günstige hotels chemnitz - CO56
1,8 km

Karl Marx Monument

A must on any visit: at 7.1 metres, the “Nischel” (Saxon for “head”) of Karl Marx is the second biggest bust in the world.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Ksc Sbm Schlossbergmuseum Aussenansicht Foto Laszlo Toth
290 m


The Museum of History of the City of Chemnitz is housed in one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monastery sites in Saxony. Since the re-opening of the Museum in 1994/1995, the old monastery and palace have once again been home to a comprehensive collection of Chemnitz’s history. Its most beautiful assets in paintings and sculptures, historic textiles, jewellery, furniture, and articles of daily use from the 12th to the 20th centuries are on view in the permanent exhibition Bildersaal Chemnitzer Geschichte.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Industriemuseum Chemnitz Fotograf Wolfgang Schmidt
3,4 km

Chemnitz Industrial Museum

Obligatory for all tech lovers – learn all about the highlights of Saxony’s industrial history including cars and motorbikes as well as fabric manufacturing machines, typewriters and computers.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Villa Esche Foto Frankkrueger
4,6 km

villa Esche

Villa Esche was designed in 1902 by the Belgian architect and designer Henry van de Velde for the Chemnitz textile entrepreneur Herbert Esche as a family residence. The villa and the park are a total work of art of the Art Nouveau style, which is one of the architectural jewels in Chemnitz. After an eventful history, the Villa Esche was extensively restored from 1998 to 2001 and now houses the Henry van de Velde Museum as a branch of the Chemnitz Art Collections.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Smac Chemnitz
2,6 km

smac - State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz

The smac is Saxony’s only museum, where 300.000 years of human history can be experienced. At the same time it is the showcase of the Archaeological Heritage Office in Saxony and its Archaeological Archive.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipss Annaberg Buchholz Bildquelle: Dirk Rückschloss
37,4 km


The mountain and Adam Ries town of Annaberg-Buchholz is always worth a visit. At the foot of the Pöhlberg, in the midst of the beautiful natural landscape of the Upper Ore Mountains, is the place of work of the world-famous arithmetician Adam Ries, known as the "secret capital of the Ore Mountains".

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Manufaktur Der Traeume Foto: BUR Werbeagentur/Dirk Rückschloss
37,5 km

Manufaktur der Träume

The family museum invites you to discover the culture of Erzgebirge. Imaginatively staged landscapes with carved and turned figures, historical toys, miniatures, Christmas mountains and much more fascinate children and adults alike. Many interactive stations bring the objects to life.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Alvin Rauchermann
7,4 km

Alvin - the biggest incense smoker in the world

The wooden giant standing on the footbridge between the Pelzmühle and the zoo is an impressive 6.10 meters high and weighs eight tons. Children can let off steam to their heart's content here.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Crottendorf Raeucherkerzenland
56,4 km

Smoked candle land Crottendorf

An experience for young and old. Three creative workshops invite you to make incense candles yourself. Both the 15 m giant incense candle with small museum and the large adventure playground with maze and large bouncy cushion want to be explored additionally.

Dsc 8064   Im Sukkulentenhaus  S Afrika
2,2 km

Botanical Garden

Across an area of twelve hectares of open space and in greenhouses, the Botanical Garden presents the wild as well as crop plants of central Europe and the whole world.

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - Wildgatter Oberrabenstein - CO56
7,9 km

Oberrabenstein Game Reserve

In the Oberrabenstein game reserve, young and old can marvel at numerous European wild animals. An exciting excursion at any time of the year!

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - tierpark chemnitz - CO56
7,8 km

Chemnitz Zoo

A great day out for young and old – Chemnitz Zoo is particularly dedicated to the preservation of endangered species and houses more than 200 animal species from all over the world on an area of ten hectares.

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - schloss lichtenwalde - CO56
12,1 km

Lichtenwalde Park and Castle

Only a 20-minute car journey away, heading north-eastwards, the Lichtenwalde baroque castle makes a great day trip and its park is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Germany. Together with Augustusburg and Scharfenstein castles, Lichtenwalde Castle also forms part of the “trio of stunning attractions”!

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - burg kriebstein - CO56
28,9 km

Kriebstein Castle

In “Saxony’s most beautiful knights’ castle”, would-be kings and queens can immerse themselves in the Medieval ages in many events and exhibitions.

erzgebirge sehenswürdigkeiten - Schloss Augustusburg - CO56
15,3 km

Augustusburg Castle

The hunting and pleasure palace of Duke August, later Elector of Saxony, built in Renaissance style is today a popular excursion destination and meeting point for bikers and classic car lovers.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Saechsisches Eisenbahnmuseum Foto Johnny Ullmann
5,6 km

Saxony Railway Museum Chemnitz

The Saxony Railway Museum is a museum for historical railroad vehicles in Chemnitz. It is located on the grounds of the former Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf railroad depot. Many of the locomotives on display are on loan from private individuals, the Dresden Transport Museum or the Nuremberg Transport Museum.

erzgebirge sehenswürdigkeiten - ausflugsziele erzgebirge - CO56
47,2 km

Preßnitztalbahn (valley railway)

This historic narrow-gauge railway puffs its way through the Ore Mountains between Wolkenstein and Jöhstadt covering huge increases in altitude along the way.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Fichtelbergbahn Sdg Saechsische Dampfeisenbahngesellschaft Mbh Sven Oettel
717,0 km


Off to the highest town in Germany, the spa town of Oberwiesenthal - and not just like that, but full steam ahead. The Fichtelbergbahn takes you from Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal. On special days, there are even two trains on the road.

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - Sonnenlandpark Lichtenau - CO56
12,1 km

Sonnenlandpark Lichtenau

In this leisure park visitors can enjoy a big wheel, Germany’s biggest slide tower, a water and sand park, tube slide, raft rides, beach fun and much more – and every day promises to fly by as everyone will be having so much fun!

Roter Turm Chemnitz
2,0 km

Galerie Roter Turm

The Galerie Roter Turm unites shopping, fashion and culinary diversity surrounded by historic architecture in the heart of Chemnitz city.

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - Sachsen-Allee Chemnitz - CO56
1,9 km

Sachsen-Allee Chemnitz

Shop and enjoy in the town centre: in the Sachsen-Allee, shoppers can explore many stylish specialist shops all gathered together under a glass roof.

Max Louis Chemnitz
743 m

Max Louis

In this former weaving factory which serves Mediterranean cuisine, guests dine in an industrial atmosphere with exposed brickwork. Dinner is also often accompanied by live music. Reservations recommended!

507 m

Ristorante Al Castello

The Ristorante Al Castello has been ensuring “momenti italiani” in the middle of Chemnitz’s Schlossplatz since 1999. Select Italian wines and grappa accompany the risotto and pasta specialities.

chemnitz sehenswürdigkeiten - Gasthaus an der Schlossmühle - CO56
332 m

Gasthaus Schlossmühle

This inn serves traditional Saxon cuisine and lovingly prepared hearty and down to earth fare. The idyllic half-timbered building is situated at the foot of the Schlossberg district.

Rsz 120210728 Parksommer Sofia Talvik 16
1,7 km

Parksommer Chemnitz

Konzipiert als eintrittsfreies Kulturfestival gibt es beim Parksommer 4 Wochen lang ein vielfältiges Programm mit Klassik, Folk, Singer-Songwriter oder Yoga.

190705 Fn C Eroeffnung Astarisborn Full 2082 Scaled
1,7 km

Filmnächte Chemnitz

Das größte Open Air Kino- und Konzertfestival in der Region Chemnitz. Freuen Sie sich auf unvergessliche Momente auf dem Theaterplatz, im Herzen Chemnitz.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Weinfest 2
2,6 km

Wine festival

Chemnitz also has its own wine festival. Here, German wineries present themselves on the Neumarkt square in the summer. Not only can fine wines be sampled, but also culinary delicacies such as various cheese, sausage and fish specialties and hearty home cooking can be enjoyed. Live music will provide a cozy atmosphere. For the opening of the Chemnitz Wine Village, the reigning Saxon Wine Queen will also be a guest

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Fete De La Musique Fabian Thueroff
2,5 km

Fete de la musique

A musical spectacle that brings music professionals and musical amateurs together with listeners. Its organizers invite you to participate, listen and enjoy.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Filmfestival Schlingel
2,5 km

Children's Film Festival Schlingel

With extraordinary, brand-new and diverse productions, the SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences has been attracting thousands of young and old cineastes from Chemnitz and the surrounding area to the CineStar at Galerie Roter Turm every year since 1996 in the week before the Saxon fall vacations. Film teams accompany their productions to the Saxon city and answer questions from the audience after the screenings.

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