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Your basis for the European Capital of Culture 2025!

Welcome to Hotel c/o56, your perfect retreat for an unforgettable experience in the European Capital of Culture 2025 - Chemnitz!
We invite you to be part of this unique cultural journey. Discover the fascination of Chemnitz, even before 2025 and enjoy various events in Chemnitz already this year. We are pleased to offer you not only comfortable accommodation, but also exclusive access to the most exciting events in Chemnitz.

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Your stay at Hotel c/o56

Your comfort in the midst of cultural highlights

After an eventful day in the European Capital of Culture 2025, we invite you to relax in our hotel. Enjoy the modern amenities and first-class service as you prepare for the next fascinating event in Chemnitz. Located in the heart of Chemnitz, our hotel offers you comfortable and relaxed accommodation to enjoy the cultural year 2025 to the fullest. Book your stay at Hotel c/o56 now and be enchanted by the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Chemnitz!

  • Light-flooded rooms
  • Quiet location
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Secure underground car park
  • 6 e-charging stations
  • High-speed WLAN
  • Sky Sport & Sky Cinema
People sit in front of the fountain at the Chemnitz Stadthalle

European Capital of Culture 2025:
Where tradition meets modernity

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of a city that combines its rich history with modern flair. Chemnitz, chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2025, invites you to take part in a variety of cultural experiences. Our hotel, strategically located, allows you to easily participate in the numerous events in Chemnitz that this special distinction entails. This page provides you with up-to-date information on the exciting events Chemnitz has to offer this year as European Capital of Culture 2025. From outstanding art exhibitions to thrilling music festivals - experience the best the city has to offer and be impressed by its diversity.

Fire show on the town hall square in Chemnitz
2 artists with tires on the market square in Chemnitz

Hat Festival

May 24 to 26, 2024

Experience the fascinating world of street art in Chemnitz city center at the Hat Festival! For the 7th time, the city was transformed into an impressive open-air theater with stages, matching hat names and numerous action areas. Discover the diversity of 180 artists and acts from ten nations. Enjoy live music, performance art, juggling, body art, dance, fire shows and clowning. The 'Market of Beautiful Things' invites you to enjoy art, while culinary delights tantalize your taste buds. Immerse yourself in a world full of culture, art and culinary delights!

  • directly in the city center of Chemnitz
  • free entry
  • international street art festival
  • Open-air theater
  • eight stages
  • 180 artists and acts from 10 nations
  • Streetfood
  • wonderful handicrafts
Logo of the event KOSMOS Chemnitz

KOSMOS Chemnitz

June 8, 2024

Discover KOSMOS Chemnitz, a festival for democracy, society, music and culture, which takes place in Chemnitz city center with 50,000 expected visitors. Organized by the CWE and Kulturhauptstadt GmbH, the festival brings together actors from civil society. The core team organizes the event in cooperation with initiatives, which integrates the results of this year's KOSMOS conference and prepares for KOSMOS EUROPE 2025. The focus is on deepening the debate about democratic values in times of political upheaval. KOSMOS breaks with habits, offers a platform and infrastructure, while people from Chemnitz and Europe shape the content - a fusion of creativity, passion and self-efficacy.

  • Free entry
  • Festival
  • Chemnitz city center
  • break with habits
  • Panels in a bus stop
  • Basketball at a crossroads
  • Bands in retail
  • Readings in laundromats
5 young people dance together


June 12 to 22, 2024

In June 2024, Chemnitz will be dominated by contemporary dance when the international festival "TANZ | MODERNE | TANZ" celebrates its 10th anniversary! Artists and dance companies from all over the world will bring a fascinating dance spectacle to the city with various performances. Through guest performances, workshops and performances in public spaces, dance becomes a direct part of life in Chemnitz. The festival serves as a platform for intercultural dialog and reflects a Europe characterized by stories, ruptures, points of friction, zest for action and future spirit.

  • Free entry
  • International Festival
  • contemporary dance
  • Guest performances, workshops, performances
  • Participants from five continents
Presenter stands in front of many Chemnitz residents on a stage in the Stadthallenpark

Makers United

June 13 to 16, 2024

Welcome to Makers United - the hands-on fair for technology, crafts, art and science! Immerse yourself in an experience full of tinkering, experimenting, researching and participating. Discover your strengths, explore the children's university and enjoy exciting hands-on stands. This fair is designed for young and old, so that everyone can find something to interest them.

  • Hands-on fair
  • Technology, crafts, art & science
  • Children's university / hands-on stands / entertainment
  • in the Stadthalle and in the Stadthallenpark Chemnitz
  • Tinkering, experimenting, researching
Young people lie on blankets in front of the Park Summer stage

Park summer

June 18 to July 21, 2024

For four weeks, you can enjoy concerts, poetry slams, children's programs and yoga to the fullest on the unique 360-degree stage in the middle of Stadthallenpark. Warm summer evenings with concerts, delighted guests, enthusiastic children and certainly a few refreshing rain showers will characterize the varied festival days in the Stadthallenpark Chemnitz this year.

  • free entry
  • Open air cultural festival
  • City Hall Park
  • 360-degree stage
  • Concerts, poetry slams, children's programs and yoga
Lots of people sitting in Chemnitz's Stadthallenpark

Fête de la Musique

June 21, 2024

The Fête de la Musique takes place annually and worldwide on June 21.
Celebrate the Fête de la Musique with Chemnitz - a unique musical spectacle that brings together professionals and amateurs. Experience a diverse musical program with artists of different genres and cultures in Chemnitz city centre. Since its premiere in 2015, the Fête de la Musique has become an integral part of the Chemnitz summer. The non-profit organization Spinnerei e. V. is the initiator, project manager and partner for cultural projects in Chemnitz, specifically linking the areas of fine arts, politics and business.

  • Festival
  • Free & Outside
  • in the city center of Chemnitz
  • over 100 musicians and bands
  • 4 Stages
  • 5 street music areas
Titelbild Brauereimarkt

Brewery market

July 17 to 21, 2024

Experience the pure diversity of over 40 local restaurateurs and breweries presenting a wide range of beers in Chemnitz city center for five days. Immerse yourself in local and international flavors, accompanied by culinary diversity, live music and good humor.

  • 100 types of beer
  • In Chemnitz city center
  • Live music & culinary delights
  • 40 restaurateurs & breweries
Top view of the Chemnitz wine festival

Wine festival Chemnitz

26.07. to 18.08.2024

Look forward to unforgettable moments in the middle of the wine village in Chemnitz. For four weeks, everything in Chemnitz city center revolves around wine, culinary highlights and entertainment. Dancing, laughter, exciting stories and lots of live music - you can experience all of this at the wine festival in Chemnitz.

  • 25 winegrowers
  • daily live music
  • Dancing tea
  • Children's funfair
  • in the city center of Chemnitz
Illuminated hot air balloons

Balloon Festival Chemnitz

August 16 to 18, 2024

The Chemnitz Balloon Festival has been held annually in Küchwald since 2005 and offers many highlights around the theme of balloons, from hot air balloons to gas balloons and air balloons. Special highlights every year are the balloon launches, the balloon glow and the "brilliant fireworks".

  • Family party
  • Balloon take-offs
  • Balloon glowing
  • Program on 2 stages
  • Park train rides
  • Garden railway show
2 sportswomen hugging each other


September 13 to 15, 2024

Once again this year, over 1,000 recreational athletes from young to old will be running or cycling in and around Chemnitz at the Chemnitz Capital of Culture event SPORTS UNITED. A wonderful event for sports enthusiasts as well as walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters, triathletes, wheelchair users and runners.

  • Over 1,000 recreational athletes
  • 11 different circuits
  • Live music
  • Stage program
Theaterplatz Chemnitz with light installation

Chemnitz Festival of Lights

September 25 to 28, 2024

"Light our Vision" - Discover Chemnitz in a new light!

Light artists from various countries will illuminate buildings and areas in the city as part of the Chemnitz Festival of Lights. In line with the motto of the Capital of Culture, the organizers are striving to illustrate previously undiscovered potential, make the invisible visible and draw attention to the seemingly neglected.

People in front of an illuminated pyramid at the Chemnitz Christmas market

Erzgebirge village Chemnitz

December 01 to 31, 2024

From December 1, the Erzgebirge village of Chemnitz will once again shine in festive splendor. Sales huts, Erzgebirge handicrafts and culinary delights invite you to discover them. The highlight: a 20-metre-high Christmas pyramid with six levels made of real wood in half-timbered style. Lovingly designed Christmas figures on the upper levels and an impressive copper spire with illuminated wings create a festive atmosphere. Look forward to a magical Christmas season!

  • Live music
  • After work parties
  • 20 meter high pyramid
  • regional providers
  • folk art from the Erzgebirge
  • Santa Claus consultation hour
  • Lantern parade
  • Children's bakery
Co56 Ksc Kunstsammlungen Theaterplatz Foto Punctum Bertram Kober
2,5 km

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

The Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz house one of the largest and most important communal art collections in Germany. The institution developed out of various civic groups, such as the art association Kunsthütte zu Chemnitz, founded in 1860. In 1909 these were gathered under the roof of the King Albert Museum, and as of 1920 were administered as a municipal museum.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Ksc Gun Museum Gunzenhauser Foto Punctum Bertram Kober Quer
2,9 km

Museum Gunzenhauser

The Museum Gunzenhauser is the latest institution to join the ensemble making up the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. It houses the collection of the Munich gallery owner Dr. Alfred Gunzenhauser and holds more than 3,000 works by 270 artists, including works of classic modern art and from the second half of the 20th century.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Ksc Sbm Schlossbergmuseum Aussenansicht Foto Laszlo Toth
290 m


The Museum of History of the City of Chemnitz is housed in one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monastery sites in Saxony. Since the re-opening of the Museum in 1994/1995, the old monastery and palace have once again been home to a comprehensive collection of Chemnitz’s history. Its most beautiful assets in paintings and sculptures, historic textiles, jewellery, furniture, and articles of daily use from the 12th to the 20th centuries are on view in the permanent exhibition Bildersaal Chemnitzer Geschichte.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Villa Esche Foto Frankkrueger
4,6 km

villa Esche

Villa Esche was designed in 1902 by the Belgian architect and designer Henry van de Velde for the Chemnitz textile entrepreneur Herbert Esche as a family residence. The villa and the park are a total work of art of the Art Nouveau style, which is one of the architectural jewels in Chemnitz. After an eventful history, the Villa Esche was extensively restored from 1998 to 2001 and now houses the Henry van de Velde Museum as a branch of the Chemnitz Art Collections.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Industriemuseum Chemnitz Fotograf Wolfgang Schmidt
3,4 km

Chemnitz Industrial Museum

Obligatory for all tech lovers – learn all about the highlights of Saxony’s industrial history including cars and motorbikes as well as fabric manufacturing machines, typewriters and computers.

Co56 Hotel Umgebungstipps Smac Chemnitz
2,6 km

smac - State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz

The smac is Saxony’s only museum, where 300.000 years of human history can be experienced. At the same time it is the showcase of the Archaeological Heritage Office in Saxony and its Archaeological Archive.

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