Start of school at c/o56 Chemnitz

Schulanang Co56 Hotel Chemnitz

Our c/o56 back-to-school package with fun & games

Celebrating the start of school in Chemnitz: unforgettable moments at c/o56 Chemnitz!

Starting school is a very special day in a child's life. Full of excitement and joy for the new stage of life. With a celebration at c/o56 Chemnitz, you can turn this day into an unforgettable experience for your child and the whole family.

Schulanang Co56 Hotel Chemnitz Kinder

At a glance

for 79.00 EUR per person

  • festive table according to your booked number of guests in the big hall
  • Aperitif at the start
  • Coffee table included
  • Dinner as a 3-course menu or buffet of the chef's choice
  • Drinks flat rate 15.00 -21.00
  • School beginners eat and drink free of charge, children under 6 pay half price
Schulanang Co56 Hotel Chemnitz Schulanfaenger

Our event proposal in detail:

Reception: from 3.00 p.m. Prosecco & children's cocktail

Coffee drinking: Coffee package with filter coffee, coffee specialties and tea (different varieties) without limit, plus sweet pastries at the buffet

Our tip: After coffee, we recommend a walk to the castle pond or a ride on the park railroad. Prices and information can be found

Buffet: 3-course menu or buffet of the chef's choice

Drinks package: unlimited non-alcoholic drinks included until 9 pm

(mineral water, fruit juices and fruit spritzers from Rauch, Vita-Cola, Vita-Limo, Bionade, Schweppes various types) varieties), beer (Wernesgrüner Pilsener draught, Wernesgrüner Pilsener non-alcoholic, Wernesgrüner Radler natural cloudy, Wernesgrüner Radler, Köstritzer Schwarzbier, Kapuziner wheat beers (also non-alcoholic), house wine (white, red & rosé)

*From 21:00 we charge a service fee for the use of our premises depending on the number of people

      Terms of contract


      After signing the contract, a cancellation free of charge is possible until four weeks before the event. After that, 25% of the total amount can be cancelled until 10 days before the event. Late cancellations will be charged with 90%.

      Deposit payment:

      With a binding booking of your event, a deposit of 100% of the expected total turnover is due 2 weeks before the start of the event. For this purpose, we will send you a corresponding deposit statement in due time.