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It’s the attitude that makes the difference

Make the beds, serve breakfast, be friendly … we could make things very easy for ourselves! But, if we are honest, neither our guests or we would then enjoy what we do so much! We want every day in our hotel to be a special experience in a way which is only possible with us – indeed for us as well as our guests. After all, how can we satisfy our guests if we are not satisfied? We therefore firmly believe that everything we do as well as our attitude makes a difference. What does that mean? We wrote it down.

Reliable / Accountable

We want things to work for you, we are there when and where you need us, so are our light switches. We will do everything that‘s possible, try most things impossible (unless they‘re too weird) and will take responsibility of your business as if it were our personal own.

Ardent / Dedicated / Good Natured

We have fun doing what we do, we care out of a lust for hospitality, not a need for favourable reviews. We do this because we truly want to, we love to see people happy, we are not in it because it runs in the family or because of all the money (Ha). We don’t smile, we laugh, it comes from the heart not from the brand standards book. We believe in friendliness but as that is such an overused word we call it kindness and patience.


We are original and true to our own personality, always straightforward and never boring, we don’t pretend to be something we‘re not, we‘re not ashamed of where we came from and honest and proud of where we are going to.

The c/o56 pledge - uniquely different!

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Discover Chemnitz, the Capital of Culture 2025

Life‘s too short to always stay in your hotel so we‘re ideally positioned to discover all the cultural and historic gems of the city, also we‘re from here so we can make introductions if you like. We also think life‘s too short to only travel to the beaches abroad, so if you‘re up to the beauty of the ore mountains, the wonders of the UNESCO heritage sites or care to see the rest of Saxony we‘re are the ideal base camp for that.

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We‘ve Got You Covered

You might not think it given all the modern ambience but in some ways we are pretty old-fashioned: we always keep our promise, in fact we try to do more than expected, we are upright and reliable and we are actually very, very good at our job. Which is why we can make it all look rather effortless (it comes with experience) and be real personal – and this is where old-fashionism stops and where we sent off standard operating procedures and replaced them with acts of kindness.

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The Best Place For Every Kind Of Work

Whether you are looking for a place to meet, present, collaborate, network or all of the above, we‘ve got the space, technology and service so you can focus on nothing but your business, all under one roof and in an atmosphere that sure does not feel like hard work.

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Customer Is The King, So Is The Staff

We don’t believe that much in royalty, actually, we prefer an easy-like- a-Sunday-morning feel over too much stuffiness but we do believe in treating our guests and staff like human beings that deserve ultimate comfort, convenience and good companionship. Which is probably why we as a team have been together for quite a while and thats true for quite a number of our guests as well.

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Recover from the world

If bleisure wouldn’t be a word already we‘d have to invent that. Nested inside a big garden, adjacent to a park and overlooking the city our hotel makes it hard to tell if you‘re still on a business trip or if holidays have started. No matter whats your reason for coming and your time budget for leisure we give you ample options to recharge or unplug, whether thats in the SPA, the garden, our lush neighborhood or on the terrace of our rooftop suites.

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Never Being Boring

They say it takes a village to raise a child but sometimes it just takes one house to let you truly experience a city. With our impressive collection of events spaces, bar, restaurant, lobby lounge and more there‘s every option for you to be inspired or inspiring, meet old friends or make new ones and leave our placer richer than you came (no that doesn‘t mean we are paying you to stay with us).