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Welcome to our hotel store!

Here you will find a diverse selection of products that can make your stay even more enjoyable. From snacks and drinks to souvenirs and personal care products, we have something for everyone. Also discover our handpicked selection of regional specialties to take home a piece of the local culture. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you and advise you on your selection. We look forward to making your stay unforgettable!

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An overview of the offers from the hotel store at c/o56 Chemnitz
Hotel c/o56 employee holds a too good to go bag in her hand
c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Beutel
c/o56 Chemnitz Spiele
A selection of wines from the hotel store of the c/o56 Chemnitz
A c/o56 employee puts something away in the hotel store and a customer makes a purchase
c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Nudossi
c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Sekt
Four "men's handbags" filled with Marxstadt beer
Various wines from the hotel store at c/o56 Chemnitz
In-house honey in the hotel store of the c/o56 Chemnitz
Front view of the hotel store
Drinks from the hotel store at c/o56 Chemnitz

Still need something or looking for a last minute gift?

If you are looking for a special souvenir, you are sure to find it in our hotel store. From handmade mugs to Erzgebirge artwork, we have a variety of unique gifts that you can take home with you. We also offer practical travel essentials in case you've forgotten something or want to add to your travel kit. From toothbrushes and shaving kits to charging cables and travel guides, we have everything you need for your trip.

Visit our 24-hour hotel store in the lobby and discover the variety of products we have for you.

      c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Kantenhocker
      c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Artikel 36
      Co56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Artikel 4
      c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Räuchermann
      c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Crottendorfer
      A section of the picture with three illuminated candle arches
      c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Tassen

      Beauty of the Ore Mountains

      We are proud to present you a selection of Erzgebirge items from renowned brands such as Crottendorfer, Hubrig and KWO.

      The brand Crottendorfer stands for high quality incense candles and incense figures. Immerse yourself in the world of the Erzgebirge tradition and let yourself be enchanted by the different scents. The artistically designed incense figures are not only eye-catching, but also a wonderful souvenir for your home. Hubrig is another renowned brand known for its hand-carved wooden figurines. Each figurine is made with great attention to detail and tells its own story. Whether it's Santa Claus, flower children or Hubiduu Teddy - Hubrig figurines are a symbol of Erzgebirge tradition and a valuable collector's item. KWO is a brand known for its high-quality wooden toys and decorative items. From traditional pyramids and candle arches to modern design objects - KWO offers a wide range of Erzgebirge products that delight both children and adults.

          c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Nudossi
          c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Crottendorfer
          c/o56 Chemnitz Hotelshop Tassen
          c/o56 Chemnitz Marx Städter

          Focus on regional products

          In our hotel store, we attach great importance to the fact that our products come from the region and are sourced from regional companies. We are constantly working to expand our regional range and offer you an authentic experience where you not only discover the beauty of our region, but also learn the stories behind the products you buy from us. Directly from the field - spice manufactory from Chemnitz

          • Straight from the field - spice manufactory from Chemnitz
          • Eierlikörz - egg liqueur from Chemnitz based on an old GDR recipe
          • Kreativfabrik - Chemnitz manufactory for individual souvenirs
          • Karlskola - refreshing and regional kola
          • Kulturbier - a beer, designed by Chemnitz residents, brewed and bottled in Chemnitz
          • nudossi - Saxon nut nougat cream
          • Crottendorfer - craft business from the Ore Mountains
          • Karlskopf - hand-printed textiles from Chemnitz
          • Mein. Chemnitz - handmade souvenirs from Chemnitz
          • Dr. Quendt - baking specialties from Saxony


              What are the opening hours of the hotel store?

              Our hotel store is open around the clock for you.

              How can I pay in the hotel store?

              You simply scan your items at the checkout pay with card.

              Which cards can I pay with?

              We accept the following cards:

              Visa Card
              American Express
              Diners Club
              Union Pay

              Who do I contact with questions or problems?

              The reception team is at your disposal around the clock as a contact person.

              What can I buy in the hotel store?

              In our hotel store you can buy goods for daily use, travel utensils, snacks, drinks, gift items, regional highlights and Erzgebirge folk art.