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Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are the “Satisfaction Team”!

And here we mean your satisfaction as well as ours, as the more we enjoy doing our job, the more genuine your experience of being really welcome and best looked after will be. We therefore not only smile for the photographer and for you but also simply because we are happy – after all, what else should we do if we are fortunate enough to have one of the best jobs in the world!

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Falko Grober

0049 371 3341 190

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Finance & HR Manager

Simone Ronneburger

0049 371 3341 210

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Operations Manager

Ingo Viertel

0049 371 3341 120

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Reservation and Revenue Manager

Christin Vonau

0049 371 3341 112

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Event Manager

Corinna Seidel

0049 371 3341 118

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Director of Sales & Marketing

Diana Güll-Rachowski

0049 371 3341 116

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Head Chef

Roland Kropf

0049 371 3341 121

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Technical Manager

Andreas Hauser

0049 371 3341 170

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Head of Reception

Romy Kropp

0049 371 3341 0

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Head of Reception

Stefanie Georgi

0049 371 3341 0

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